Fasion eye wear to help you look your best. Quality lenses to help you see your best. We have a great selection of Frames and Contacts:




We have a great selection of frames. From kids to adults in all the best brands. RayBan, Oakley, Columbia, Tory Burch, Gant, Guess, Magic Clip, Rampage, Value, Coach, Vera Bradley, and Many More!


Our lab uses high end lenses to ensure clear crisp vision through the life of the prescription. Good lenses should be clear of distortions and should not become foggy over time. That is a commitment we put behind all of our lenses, whether it’s plastic, glass, polycarbonate, or the newest high index plastic.


Reflection free, anti-glare, anti-scratch coating. A technology that has been used in the photography industry for years. Reduces internal and surface reflections on the lens. The result is crisper vision and enhanced contrast. It is also the toughest scratch coating available, which warranties the lens for the life of the prescription in a hassle free exchange policy. Cheap “AR” coatings will flake off and erode within the year. We avoid using cheap AR products and recommend all lenses have the best anti-reflective coatings.


Lenses turn from light to dark in the presence of UV light. Great for outdoor wear use to reduce the intensity of the sun. A new generation of transitions is now available, reducing the change time from light to dark and back again. We consider Transitions as a “preference” since they do not enhance visual clarity like Anti-reflective lenses do. Therefore we offer transitions, but we do not necessarily “recommend” them.

Polarizing Lenses

A permanent tint used to reduce the glare on horizontal surfaces, resulting in more vivid colors and enhanced vision. This technology was also borrowed from the photography industry to reduce bright distracting glare on water and road surfaces. Polarized sunglasses are the best option for prescription sunglasses.

High Index Plastic

The thinnest lens material available. Not all lens material is the same. Thickness, distortions, and distracting chromatic aberrations all affect how you see through your lenses. Because Dr. Bagg has a high prescription himself and has worn many lens combinations, he is very particular on lenses and treatments for strong prescriptions. High index plastic is at the forefront of these recommendations. Offering thin cosmetics and reduced chromatic aberrations.

Contact Lens Options

Extended Wear
Extended wear contact lenses have high oxygen permeability. High enough infact, that the cornea can “breathe” even with your eyes shut. These properties allow extended wear contacts to be worn continuously for up to 3o days.
Colored contacts are a fun alternative to clear contacts.
Toric Lenses
Toric lenses, or lenses that correct astigmatism are being produced more acurately and consistantly each year. These lenses provide good vision to patients who have been told they could not wear contacts because of their astigmatism.
Bifocal contacts are an up and coming technology. Designed similar to no line bifocals for glasses, bifocal contacts are designed to allow patients experiencing presbyopia (inability to focus at near) to see up close 80% of the time.


Additional Information

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