Knowing more about your situation is comforting. Whether it’s understanding what astigmatism is, or knowing your treatment options for glaucoma, being educated is important in making decisions. Listed below are some services to help you become more informed.

Eye Exams

All comprehensive eye exams will result in a glasses prescription. Eye health is assessed for both the back of the eye and the front, including;  Glaucoma testing, Cataract checks, Macular degeneration screening, cornea health, iris health, retinal function, and periorbital health (or the area around the eye). Dilation is performed at no additional charge. The doctor will offer his opinion on whether or not dilation is necessary for each visit, although, all medical tests performed are always at the consent of the patient.


A separate exam is necessary for the fitting of all contacts. Contacts are classified as a class III medical device by the FDA (the same category as artificial heart valves), and require additional attention for the safety of the patient. All types of contacts are available for fitting; gas permeable or hard lenses, soft lenses, bifocal lenses, color lenses, and toric lenses for astigmatism. Our doctors will offer their suggestion for the best lens for your eyes.

Ocular Disease

Ocular diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetes, and vascular eye diseases can all be monitored at Eyecare Norman. Some eye diseases, such as eye allergies and glaucoma, require regular eye drops administered by the patient. Diagnosis may require specialized equipment available at Eyecare Norman. Other sight threatening emergencies, such as retinal detachments, should be diagnosed at Eyecare Norman, however, when such emergencies are diagnosed, Our doctors ensure the best care to the patient by referring them to our associated eye surgeons.

Foreign Object Removal

On occasion objects such as wood, metal, and dirt get into peoples eyes. When the object can not be removed at home by flushing it with saline, it may be necessary to remove it at our office. Our doctors have the training and equipment necessary to remove those items with minimal trauma to the patient.


Not all opticians are equal. Sometimes adjusting your glasses to fit just right takes time and experience. Our doctor’s train all of our staff to ensure that they are all equally capable of adjusting frames.

Children’s Vision

Children’s eyes are very sensitive to change. That is why it is important to get their eyes checked by age 3.  Undetected vision problems can delay reading and even damage their vision permanently. Crossed eyes and lazy eyes are also very important to have monitored. An eye that turns in or out can cause irreparable damage to a child’s visual system, such as reduced acuity and the elimination of stereo viewing. Our doctors will work with your child to ensure the best possible vision and reading efficiency.


Additional Information

If you would like to get a personal answer or just can’t find the information you’re looking for, please call our office at 405.329.3937 and we will be glad to assist you. The links below provide more information about Lasik eye surgery and general Eye Health

Eye Health    : Eye and disease information from the National Eye Institute.

Lasik            : We are a proud affiliate of NJoy Laser Eye Center